Sunday, June 30, 2013


 Hymns at the top of the Hill

 Beautiful NY sunset

Tonight the YM were set apart by the Pageant Presidency. This is always a very special experience as the brethren lay their hand on each YM's head a pronounce a special blessing meant just for them.
We end the day by walking to the top of the Hill to sing hymns and close out our day, while trying not to get eaten alive by the mosquitos.
Tomorrow is another day of stage construction and hopefully NO rain!

Our first Sunday together
and our first visit to the Sacred Grove

and the Log Home. We miraculously fit 30 people in the upper room
where Joseph had his visitation from the angel Moroni.
Have your son tell you about it when he gets home about his walk back to the
Hill from the Log Home. The same trip Joseph made each year to visit with Moroni.
They were blessed with a fairly cool and partly cloudy day. Quite the contrast to
the experience the 2012 work crew had.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Finally able to catch Brother Call, our assistant, long enough to get his picture.
The stage is really just a VERY large Erector Set!
Posts, beams, fiber grating and cross bracing.
This is the beginnings of stage 7, the one the Savior descends to in the
New World scene. It is definitely the spiritual highlight of the Pageant.
Here you can get an idea of how huge the stage really is.
The Grand Staircase going in. This is the one part of the stage that the YM
are not allowed to be on the Hill for. It is very heavy and very large. It takes 7 leaders and the boom truck to get it put in place. Brother Jurgens told me that this is only the second time in 10 years that the Grand Staircase has gone in on Saturday. Way to go Work Crew 2013!!!!
These are the leaders who put the Grand Staircase in.
Brother Call, Brother Hess, Brother Jurgens, Brother Wilcox, Brother Hatch, and Brother Phelon.
They are finally getting to eat dinner an hour and a half later than the YM.
Such great men and wonderful examples.

Thought you might to want see where they live.
THIS is the Wind Tunnel. Fancy huh?
Not too bad inside...but that will most likely change after a few days
of 26 boys living here:)
There aren't even any shoes on the floor...yet.
This is the Day Room where we gather at night to end our day with
"good news and bad news" and family prayer. Try to imagine 30 chairs set up
in this little room. It can get very cozy! 
This is where they eat all their meals, rain or shine.
Our wonderful caterer, Rod. He is SOOOO great!  He truly loves
the Work Crew and does everything he can to make meal time
Right now, this is their favorite thing to do.
In a few days it will be second to sleep :)
HI MOM!!!!
This the field where they "play". Not much time for that right now
but they will use it...eventually.
Some of their fearless leaders.
Brother Hess, Brother Jurgens, and Brother Phelon.
(the YM will tell you that you don't mess with Brother Phelon :))
I still need to get a picture of Brother Call
(or should I say Brother "Tall"  He is 6'4"), our Work Crew Assistant.
He was on Work Crew in 2007 and a District Leader in 2008.
When he leaves the Hill he will be headed off to pilot training for the Air Force.

Work Crew 2013

2013 Work Crew has arrived and they are already busy at work.
To all the mom's who are following this blog I hope you enjoy.

Here they are...happy, smiling, and WONDERFUL!!!

Our FABULOUS District Leaders
Brother Rapier, Brother Hedworth, Brother Moss, and Brother Clarke

The first group try out the light towers!
They are Brother Moss, Brother Hazen, Brother Krebs, and Brother Marshall,
and Brother Thacker (behind Brother Krebs)
(I know they are hard to see here, but I will figure out the zoom on my new phone soon:)

Saturday- first morning of stage construction. This was one or the
brief moments of sunshine. It has been raining, raining, raining.