Thursday, June 30, 2016

They have their assignments and now the fun begins. We turn over the stage to the cast and become support.
Lunch with the Directors so they can get to know the members of the ground crew and become familiar with their scenes.

Sets are getting placed and rehearsals have begun with the crew before the cast arrives so they know what they are to be doing.
Brother Walton is the Boat captain and this is his crew practicing putting the boat together and raising the sail on cue.
King Noah's court.

Lehi's tent


Back to the WInd Tunnel after a full day of work.
All the curtains in the background were part of the days work.
Daily Lesson.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Up at 5 and still alive!!


You might be able to recognize your son, but it's hard to get a close up when they are 40-50 feet in the air. No worries, they are all fully harnessed. IF THERE IS ANYTHING WE DO WELL HERE IT IS SAFETY.

Our Texas twins...yep twins!!

Two of the best smiles around!

Perfect day to be climbing towers, mid 70's and partly cloudy. A nice break from the Sunny 90's we have been putting the stage up with.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

IT'S DONE!!!!!


YOU got to love Brother Walton's yellow hands!!


They built it!

Build it and they (the cast) will come.

It is truly amazing that they can do this in 2 1/2 days.

Cast team/Primary area is all set up too.

Setting the lift for the descending Christ in place.

One of my all time favorite pictures. Oh how I LOVE these young men!!!

Light training to prepare for tomorrows full day of getting lights up the towers. Starting at 5 am!!!

They are still 16, 17 & 18 year old boys!!


Ultimate frisbee, soda pop, ice cream sandwiches, and chips!

Light trucks are in place and ready for a full day of fun!

Today was the anniversary of the 3 witnesses having their experience with the Angel Moroni where the got to see and handle the plates.
187 years ago.

We went to the top of the Hill and read their account from the inscription on the Angel Moroni monument.

Today the got their shirts and are proud to wear them!
They look great huh?