Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Almost done!!!!


He who drives the biggest John Deere wins!!!
Top of stage 7...king of the hill!
What an AWESOME picture!
Full Moon, and FABULOUS boys!!
You gotta love their enthusiasm and cheerful attitudes, even when they are dead tired and soaking wet! :)
Check out the zombie in the far right! Weird!
Tomorrow is light day...and it starts at 6am, which means rise and shine at 5:30!!!

It's time to be trained on the lights and how to get them up the towers and install them.
Still smiling...despite the rain, rain, rain!

The Master Electricians.
Brother Reid in the background and Brother Braegger in the white shirt. He is a Church employee and travels all over the country delivering and installing lights for all the pageants.
To his left is Trevor Nelson, a former Work Crew member, who is now on staff to help with the lighting installation.



Tons of fun. NOT.

Feeling good after a hard day's work.

We actually got to see the sun after 4 straight days of rain! YEAH!!!!

The Grand Staircase went in today at lunchtime. This tells us we are getting close!

HI! mom!!!!

A view from the top.
Pretty amazing huh?

This gives you a pretty good idea of just how large the stage really is.

The Work Crew solution to too much rain that the tent stakes can't stay in the ground when the wind kicks up!!
Pretty ingenious wouldn't you say?
Those picnic tables are SUPER heavy.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

We had a wonderful Sabbath day full of spiritual experiences and counsel from our Pageant Presidency. Tonight was our dinner and setting apart for the Work Crew.
Really not sure what Brother Fischer is doing !!!

It'll be okay Brother Halterman :)

Brother Walton...ALWAYS smiling!!!

Such HAPPY  people! LOVE these young men!!!
Brother Whiting is a little camera shy!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

This ll happened in the first two hours of work this morning! Pretty amazing huh?
See if you can pick out your son.