Monday, June 30, 2014

Progress looks slow from the ground, but most of the fiber grating is clamped in place and half of the facing is up. not to mention that it is VERY hot and sunny today. Rain is in the forecast and I think the young men will welcome working in the rain.
Fiber grating and facings

close-up of facing panels

A bit more impressive from the top!

Stairs for the Savior's appearance and dissention. The round thing at the bottom is a hydraulic lift that takes him up into the air 30 feet!

Fiber Grating from the top.
And a shot of the tractor and trailer that takes the boys back and forth to the wind tunnel.


Here are the promised pictures from Sunday.

We begin each meal with a hymn, prayer and recitation.

Our Guests.
Sister Hanson, Brother Hanson (Artistic Director)
Brother Steadman, Brother Hatch, Brother Twiggs (2015's new forklift operator).

President Schwendiman

President Hare during setting apart of Brother Hilton's district.

President Bjorling Setting apart Brother Thibaudeau's district.

Too bad you cannot see the rain in this picture. It was a gully washer for a while.

 This is the beloved Wind Tunnel where all the Work Crew sleeps.
See the garage door? There is one at each end of the building and if you open both ends...
well you'll understand where Wind Tunnel came from!
Below is a picture of Rod, our FABULOUS caterer. He truly loves these young men and takes great pride in serving them their wonderful meals. He is here 3 times a day for an entire month!! Always happy and smiling!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

They arrived safely back at the top of the Hill where they were able to consider what it must have felt like for Joseph to make that walk each year. Granted it was September not the end of June and probably a little straighter course, but nonetheless a good walk. As I waited for them to return I was impressed with the thought of how we so often reflect on the feelings and emotions that Joseph must have felt and experienced when he was finally able to receive the plates from Moroni, but do we ever stop to consider how this long awaited event must have touched Moroni's heart. Now, after all the many years of waiting for this record to come forth it was finally beginning to unfold. The Restoration of all things that had been prepared by his Father Mormon, for our day, had begun. How exciting that day must have been for him, and for our Savior Jesus Christ.

The walk back to the Hill was a warm one. Hot, tired, sweaty, but happy, is how they came marching up the Hill! No complaints, only smiles.
Brother Hilton gets the all over dripping wet award, Brother Thibaudeau gets the wettest shirt award, and Brother Rodriguez gets the above and beyond award. He wore his black suit coat, buttoned no less, the entire walk back! Brother Sanderson actually ran up the Hill...but not sure he'll do THAT again! :)
You all can be so proud of the exceptional young men you have raised. It is a privilege to associate with them.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


The Grand Staircase is in!!!!!

NEVER before has the Grand Staircase been placed on Saturday night. Whoooo Hooooooo!

This Work Crew is AMAZING!!!





Hi Mom!!!


Brother Hilton with the feather in his cap!
Brother Rodriguez in the white hard hat on the left and Brother Snow in the back ground .
Brother Jacobson in the orange shirt up high, torqueing the bolts with Brother Cleveland.
Brother Gillespie, Brother Fischer and Brother Petty with Brother Thibaudeau.

Looking up the Hill with the sail now in place on stage 1.

We Have fiber grating!!!!!

The mast of the boat. Takes the forklift to bring it in.

Now THAT is progress. All this since 8am.
A few views from the top!
It's now 3:30!


All This in Only 1 Hour!!!

This not just a simple erector set. Your sons are working with true professionals who have tremendous technical skills and HUGE equipment. Used to be that the boys would shimmy up the poles to set those beams that are 20+ feet in the air. Thankfully that has changed.
Safety is truly #1 on job!


Take a look at this!!

As you can see the sun is just starting to come over the Hill.

Friday, June 27, 2014


All are Safely Gathered In

All the boys arrived safe and sound. A few delays but nothing major.
They all seem very excited to be here and we are VERY excited to have them here.
What a remarkable group of young men.
Today was spent training...

and more training...

Tomorrow the stage gets built...or at least started :) They won't know what hit them by tomorrow night. All were happy and excited when we sent them off to bed. No worries.
To all you moms out have WONDERFUL sons. I love them already!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

here comes the stage

Stage 4 is on its way! Go District Leaders!!!!