Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And Off To Work They Go...

Saturday, June 27th: The first day of work.

The Sacred Grove.Brother Krebs and Brother KrebsThe technical director: Brother Jurgens and his beautiful wife at the Log home.The Work Crew District leaders, Assistants, and Director (Krebs, Conover, Hooker, Gassaway, Krebs, Krebs, Jones)The whole crew in front of the Visitors Center. The empty Hill. Ready for the stage to be built!The men were tired after putting up the Grand Staircase!Time for the LIGHTS to go up.The work crew has had a wonderful experience so far. The stage is almost done, lifelong friendships are already developing, and the cast doesn't even come until Friday! :)


Mike and Ayesha said...

That's exciting stuff!!! It's great to see our sons engaged in such a great work! Thanks for posting for us!!! =)

Anonymous said...


Wish we could be there in person this year. Our hearts are with you, though. Keep up the Marvelous Work, the field is white!

We'll shoot for next year....

Thanks again for the blog, Sister Krebs!


Bro. John Starrs (WC 85)