Wednesday, August 19, 2009

After the fact...

In visiting all of the church history sites, especially living on one of them, I have felt the wonderful influence of the Spirit testifying of the truthfulness of the gospel as it was restored at the many locations we were at. I know the value of hard work as well as team work. We must do our part if we're to ever succeed in building Zion here on earth. I have seen the miracle of prayers being answered while I was on the work crew. I personally participated in the prayer challenge set a month before the work crew arrived and I think we can all agree to it's fulfillment.

Brother Abutaa:


I loved being on Work Crew. I learned so much! At first I couldn't believe all we had to do and even worried if we'd finish our tasks. But I learned that if the Lord has a work to be done, it will get done. Some of the things I had to do I couldn't have done on my own. The Spirit provided me with strength and courage to help me complete certain tasks. There were times when I would be discouraged or maybe the weather looked like it would ruin everything, but for the same reason everything worked out perfectly. It is my testimony that the Lord has a work to be done here on this Earth and that is to invite others to come unto Christ. I know that this work will be completed no matter what and that the Lord will provide the way. He won't put tasks before us that we can't bear. I know that our Savior and our Father in Heaven loves us and has a plan for us so that we can be eternally happy. I'm so grateful for that.

Brother Lyman:Don't be afraid to talk. People are nicer than you think, even if they're just being kind they will listen to you. Every time you speak is an opportunity to share some of your knowledge and invite others to come unto Christ.

Brother Hirschi:
This experience has strengthened my testimony so much. I am so glad to have been able to do this. I am so grateful for all the lessons that I have learned from leaders and from my peers. Everyone and everything has been such an example to me. I know that I was supposed to be on the work crew this year, and it has helped me in my life to see what I need to do in my life. Watching two boys receive their mission calls on the Hill strengthend my desire to serve a misison. I can't wait to go on my mission and serve the Lord.

Brother Spinder:
The work crew is such an amazing, growing and preparing for a mission experience that no one should ever pass up if they have the opportunity. While I was out there I learned how to testify of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we first started talking to people, I can honestly say I was a little nervous and I didn't know what to say. I just followed along and listened to my companion and I bore my testimony at the end sometimes. With the Sister Missionaries, and Companionship Study, I learned where to find scriptures, pick my favorite ones, when to use the scriptures, and how to teach using the verses. Later, I got to be able to walk up to people and just start talking to them. I was able to take what I prepared and start teaching them what I know and what I love. I was able to testify of our savior Jesus Christ and how much he loves and cares for all of us. It was such an amazing and testimony building experience. I am so grateful for that opportunity I had to be able to share what I know to be true to people who have never learned of our church before. And I hope that I made a good impression on them. I know that if I never tried and put my Faith in the Lord to help me go out and use the spirit to know what to say to people, I would have never grown and succeeded in what I wanted to do. Besides learning how to use the spirit to find people to teach and testify to them, I was able to strengthen my testimony so much of the Restoration of the Church. Before being on the work crew, I have never been out in Palmyra or any of the other church sites before. So going there for the first time was so incredible. Feeling the spirit at the Sacred Grove just proved to me that this church is true. That Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to the 14 year old Joseph Smith when he prayed to know which church was true. I know that he was told none were. I know that Moroni appeared to him when he was in his house and told him that he would translate the Gold Plates and it would be called the Book of Mormon. And I know that that's exactly what he did. I know that he had so many trials but with his Faith, he overcame them. And I know that we can do that ourselves. If we have faith in the Lord and put our trust in him, he will help us in our trials and we will grow stronger from them.