Thursday, July 1, 2010

We love these boys!!

Handsome District Leaders getting started.

Empty hill with no stage :( We should fix that...

Here come the Work Crew!!

Now all they need is angelic supervision...Look, it's a plane, no it's Brother Krebs!!

I call this "Team Work".

End of the first day!

End of the second day!

End of the third day!

Filling fire extinguishers with water.

Wow!!! What strength!! (Working on the water fall above)

Working hard!!!

What great young men we have on the work crew!

Installing the water fall.

Reading in the upper room of Joesph Smith's log cabin.

All the Boys and Leaders at the visitor's center.

In front of the tree that was planted when Alvin Smith passed away


Jeanette Criger Done said...

As an Arizona grandmother who has seen pageant for the past 4 years, we will miss seeing it this year but so appreciate seeing our Pennsylvania grandson, who is on the work crew, in some of the posted pictures. Thank you!!
Grandma Done

Koni said...

Can you post an address where we can send letters and packages to members of the work crew? Thanks!

Jacey said...

We are so glad that you are posting pictures. So good to see the boys and their smiling faces. The work crew is amazing and we appreciate all they do.
The Church is true!