Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Work Crew is here!!!!


The Holbeins said...

The crew looks great. Just got our first letter from our son, Brother Holbein. It made us so happy to hear of how much he loves the group, his companion and the spirit he has already felt on the hill. Thank you so much for the blog and for taking care of our son and all the other boys. We pray for all of you every day. Love, The Holbeins

Sister Chapman said...

Bro. Chapman's Parents - We have been so excited for him. His sister graduated this year and until after the grad party we had to downplay the Work Crew, but now we are telling everyone we can. We write every day, his Dad works for the Palmyra FM Group so he gets to see him from afar, but I dropped the graduate off for her first day at pageant only to find out that the Crew had gone to the Temple to do Baptisms. I planted my Dad in 2007 and we have just been having the hardest time getting his paperwork for baptism and confirmation. After Bro. Chapman went to Crew I found an old form I don't even remember having printed, took that to the Temple, got the cards printed and was about to ask one of the Temple Presidency to give it to him, this wonderful man knows me by sight and asked what I was doing. I showed him the form and asked that he give it to my son so the work could be done, and bless his heart, he arranged for my son to do both the baptism and confirmation but also for me to be there. I know that I was pretty misty and maybe he would say it was the font water in his eyes but we now know why we had all those other problems. I know that my Dad will accept this gift from his youngest grandson and we can soon be sealed as an eternal family.
Sister Chapman