Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Now that the stage is completed we are ready for the cast to arrive. This is our "stage is completed" picture. Nice looking group, don't you think?

 (left to right)
Brother B. Jacobson, Brother Acevedo, Brother Gneiting(DL), Brother Millett, Brother Guthrie(DL), Brother Holbein(DL), Brother Pumphrey, Brother A. Hirschi, Brother Berrett, Brother A. Jacobson, Brother W. Hirschi, Brother Rapier, Brother Brooks(DL), Brother Alonzo, Brother Brockbank, Brother Dover, Brother Doney, Brother Rodriguez, Brother Mancuso, Brother Hilton(Work Crew Assistant and AWESOME!), Brother Hedworth, Brother Johnson, Brother Clarke, Brother Thibaudeau, Brother Toronto, Sister Hess(Mom), Brother Hess(Work Crew Director and slave driver!), Brother Tanner, Brother Phelon(forklift operator and a character!), Brother Moss, Brother Wilcox(welder and tool expert), Brother Jurgens(the real Boss!)
These young men are so remarkable and have such wonderful strengths that they bring to the Work crew. Love them to pieces!


Shauna said...

Thanks so much for all you have done and are doing to help create this amazing experience. I'm so grateful for the updates and to seeing their smiling faces. I would so love to be there!