Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Welcome to the 2008 Hill Cumorah Pageant Work Crew!

Welcome to the 2008 Hill Cumorah Pageant Work Crew Blog!
We are thrilled to have your participation on the Work Crew this year!
This stage is half a football field on seven stages which you will assemble and disassemble! The stages rest on concrete footings and are linked by a grid work of aluminum beams, plat-formed with open waffle grids and front-surfaced with a molded fiber skin. The front stage is rigged with a ship's mast and sail using a counterbalance system.

Here is the scene where Christ visits the Americas. This is a very special moment in each of the seven Hill Cumorah Pageant performances.

Here we (Brother and Sister Krebs) are with the 2007 Work Crew.
Here is the 2007 Work Crew in front of the Palmyra Temple after completing baptisms.
Here we are with Brother Andy Adams of the 2007 Work Crew.

Here is our family as cast members in the 2004 Hill Cumorah Pageant.


deb_morgan75 said...

Wow, I am so jealous! Looks like an awesome work crew led by "Grandpa Krebs"! Don't know how you keep all those guys fed, Donnia! Wish I was there!

Keep up the good work!