Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

It's been a busy week for the 2008 work crew. Brother Krebs and his family got here Sunday night to set up camp and prepare for the boys. Dan Jones is the excellent work crew assistant this year(green hard hat below). The District leaders -Brothers Call, Hill, Thibaudeau, Stucki - arrived on Wednesday the 25th. They got right to business and built stage four as an example for the new work crew.

After two days of training, the DL's were ready to meet their new brothers. And they went to work...
The boys on the hill at sunset.

On the tractor - their main mode of transportation.

The empty hill.

At 2:00pm on Saturday the 28th.

At 3:00pm.
At 4:00pm.

At 5:00pm.

This is what happens when you forget your raingear. (Brother Jurgens, the technical director)

The work crew had the unique experience of being taught by President Uchtdorf for Sunday School on Sunday the 29th. It was a powerful and spiritual opportunity. The 2008 work crew is bound for a successful summer!


Amber said...

What an awesome sight! We are getting so excited to come witness all the work you are doing! Hey, is "Bro. Stucki" from Louisville and did he serve in Neuquen, Argentina? If so, that is our mission (Sean and mine). We just saw his parents (Stake Pres) at the Temple. :) Love and miss you all!

Ayesha said...

Thank you so much for posting pictures of the 2008 Work Crew! They look great! We loved seeing how the stage was put up! Please keep posting!

Ashlee said...

I got the chills looking at all the pictures. What a great experience! I'm so excited for my little brother to join you next week. Keep an eye on him:)

We miss you guys.